Tula's CocoYo, 16 oz.

CocoYo is a powerful live probiotic, yogurt-like food made from raw young cultured coconut meat and other natural ingredients. It restores your body with the healthful benefits of live probiotics and raw nutrients. CocoYo has the familiar taste of yogurt, plus it's a sweet, creamy treat that adults and children enjoy! 

Free of dairy, gluten, soy and added sugar.

Ingredients: Raw young coconut meat, raw young coconut water, alcohol free vanilla (water, vegetable glycerine, vanilla bean extractives), probiotic cultures, stevia

Benefits include:

• Aids digestion of foods
• Promotes healthy gut flora (beneficial bacteria)
• Reduces sugar cravings
• Contains natural raw nutrients found in young coconuts 
• Increases energy and overall feeling of good health

Reduce carbon footprint & your shipping costs,

When placing your order, consider your supply needs. When consuming the suggested serving each day, one bottle of CocoYo represents a 4-day supply. Order 6 bottles for a 24-day supply and the cost of shipping per bottle will drop signifcantly and the foam insulated cooler, cardboard box, gel pack & fuel will be better utilized. We encourage you to reuse your foam cooler.

CocoYo probiotic dairy free yogurt
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